Monday, July 25, 2011

today i...
washed some more newborn clothes, i'm determined to pack a few looks for you to come home in, little L. why limit you. i hate being limited.

i also scheduled a consultation with your future pediatrician, Anne Lewis, for this wednesday morning, they called me after office hours and spent 20 minutes talking to me on the phone about you already, so i have a good feeling so far about this office.

i also hammered out the 1st several pages of your baby book. i have it downstairs now so it will definitely make it to the hospital with us and get your little foot prints stamped in it. this thought brings me much delight...

i miss writing 'we created a monster' immensely and promise to return to it.
life has simply been too chaotic in the last month or so.
i will be 40 weeks this saturday IF little L doesn't decide to do something (like make an exit, for example) prior. i have this feeling he's in no hurry. he knows i've been seriously stressed and need a bit of R&R to store up the strength i'm going to need to help him debut AND adjust to having him out here on the outside. stay tuned... i do have so much to catch you up on. i have a few posts in the wing.
in the mean time, wish me luck.
i beg.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

beat beat beat

at approx. 150 bpm, you can definitely dance to it. that's little L's heartbeat. #LOVE

p.s. having attended breast feeding and infant CPR classes this week, i'm brimming with stuff to tell you but just haven't found the time. stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

holy scared to death.

can't begin to fathom that less than a month from now i might be meeting my little mover and shaker.
i do so wish a stork would just deliver him by air.
but nothing worthwhile is easy in this life.
we have to FIGHT for those we love.
for what we love.
i ask, if you're a praying person, to pray for my mom. i ask that if you have amazing energy, send it her way. i ask that if you believe in the power of positive thought, think such thoughts in her honor.
i want more than anything under the sun for her to meet and get to know her grandson...
the infamous baby L.