Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December's in Full Swing..

Christmas cookie cutter toast for breakfast!

L loves the hustle & bustle of the season as much as mommy...

a door L & I spotted...

Best finger painting experience to date.
Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, December 3, 2012

L knew right away where Santa was & the Christmas tree
treats in Liam's shoes from St. Nick

"writing" out his wish list
Annnnnd... It's December! Liam is actually a functioning, potentially destructible being this year, as opposed to the wee one in a sling 24/7 he was last year. Thus, modifications. 

A way smaller tree, with way less ornaments, even though SO FAR, he's very "gentle" and "nice" with the ornaments. I told him they were like a necklace. As he's good with my necklaces when I say "nice", "soft", "gentle" and "careful". So far... so good. Could change. Stay tuned.

He tasted his first candy cane the other day after swim school and declared "MMMMMMM!", smacking his lips. Digs eggnog too. 

We had a wonderful time at Society of the Four Arts with some of our toddler BFFs this morning too! We learned all about Santa, got treats in our shoes & wrote "letters" to Santa to hang on our tree. The holidays are in full swing. Lights everywhere. Liam is marveling. And I'm so in love with seeing and doing it all through his eyes. 

Fancy, fragile decor will make an appearance another day, I wouldn't trade "now" for ANYTHING. Well, with the exception of wishing L's grandma (my mom) could be here experiencing this too! <3 All the best to you & yours...

L's letter to Santa

2012's tree is much smaller than usual & free of glass/breakables

Soft, touchable decorations in place of delicate, breakable ones of years past

L loves candy canes already!