Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm not a baby, not yet a toddler.

L amidst the big kids and bubbles
today was kind of a big deal. because, as those of you that've followed "we created a monster" know, L turned one on august 5th and that meant something major in the world of library story time.
 p.s. whoa! how the heck is it already september?! he's 13 months tomorrow!!! my head just spun around and popped off. 

here's the deal: he's not a baby, yet not a toddler. amongst baby babies, he's a giant. i saw looks of fear as L crawled like lightning towards immobile wee ones back at "baby" story time. 
but, amongst true toddlers and pre-pre schoolers, he was "the baby". today at "toddler" story time, for example: "look out for the baby!" "watch the baby!" were common refrains amongst mommies talking to their kids whenever L clumsily toddled near. 

so there was that and, craft time instead of play time. play time for L meant a ton of toys being dumped on a blanket that he could chomp and drool on. + the aforementioned exploration of the story time room, towering over all the teeny bundles and their nervous mommies. 

craft time for L = eating crayons, chewing on paper piggy parts, drooling on and trying to take big kids' piggy crafts, ticking them off + a little game of throw-the-glue-stick-in-the-trash time.

i'm kind of losing it today, and well, recently.
goodbye baby story time  and play time on a soft and cozy blanket. as much as we loved you, we're not going back. 
hello, big kid story time and big kid crafts, we're not quite ready for you, but here we are, next chapter. 

L about to eat his paper piggy