Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#NaiveNewbie: Get Thyself an Ergo!

YAY! Mommy is wearing me again! i still LOVE being held, but I'm a big baby! And mommy has little wrists and well, it was getting super hard for her. So, she got herself an Ergo. Finally. At the end of the day, she's definitely STILL a naive newbie. So far, so good. Check it out:
 she has her hands FREE again! 
i have something new & readily available to chew on!
and very very most importantly, i'm cozy. 
YAY for Ergo.
Did you know?
You can carry babies on your hip in the Ergo too? That pretty much sold mommy, although she hasn't tried it out yet. And she's kinda inept sometimes so I could be 2 years old before she does. But I'm pretty happy facing towards her, as evidenced in the photo above. She feels confident about wearing me to the Passion Pit show at Sunfest, YAY! my 1st show! She says we're going to dance like crazy. #Babywearing is the way to go, so happy to be the baby of an #attachmentparent!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


mornings have come a long way. L and i actually enjoy a lovely little time at the table each day sharing fruit and cheerios. well, this a.m. i'm having raisin bran, but he (and lily) are having cheerios. we listen to music, sometimes his. sometimes mine. clap. bounce up and down (dance). and overall just welcome the day in a peaceful, happy way. 
while i shed regular tears for the speed at which he's growing, moments like these make the insane ride awesome. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

not just any old day

i'm in love.
this arrived today from "not just any old day".
a peridot-hued crystal graces the 5th of august.
L's birthdate. chain is long enough to tuck inside my shirt.
since he'll eat it if i don't.

Monday, April 16, 2012

when baby does this... mommy does this. #naivenewbie

exhibit A: baby in crib at nap time.
when sweet little L chooses to catch his daytime zzzs in the car (this is in fact, frequent), mommy knows she must find a drive-thru asap if she wishes to eat. sad and brutally honest fact. this does not mean i must live on chicken nuggets and burgers. i get creative, side salad and black beans & rice today, yep! ordered at a drive-thru. it is what it is. i'm getting my veggies, protein, fiber and such, on the go, as baby uncranky's himself via shut eye. fair enough.
liam is not a baby that let's me transfer him from carseat to house to bed whilst remaining asleep, i open his car door, he opens his eyes. that's that. this is my lot. and as a mom gaining more and more experience as a mom, this is what works. a girl's gotta eat. especially a breastfeeding one. and a baby's gotta sleep. find out what [HEALTHY FOOD] you can eat on the go in such situations. win-win. sort of.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

8 months and...

tearing the world up.
unscrewing metal drawer pulls and using them as chew toys.
opening dresser drawers and emptying contents.
pulling lily's tail post chasing her like a bat out of hell.
picking up every little bitty spec of dirt i find and ingesting it.
put it this way. my mommy is BUSY.
and has a royal crap load of work to do to continue to make my little world safe.
she thought she had it mostly figured out.
watch me go!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mommy's grade at helping baby nap: F

a second time mom told me i may need to stop doing things during the day with L if i want him to nap. today i'm wondering if she just might be right. two weeks ago he napped so beautifully. this week. he's shooting a big fat bird at the concept of day sleeping. this wouldn't be so bad if he were happy and cheery, but he's not. he's grouchy and whiny. must i kill our baby social life in order for L to get some good rest?
one would think a fun, stimulating activity each day might make a baby ready for a nap. or at least -i- would think that.
i want to cry.
i hate this aspect of babyhood.
i'm failing at it so miserably, while i watch other babies L's age sleep peacefully.
sorry for the :-( post.
to end it on a happier note we did meet a giraffe today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

one minute we're doing the bunny hop...

...the next minute, one of my worst baby nightmares is coming true... a s@!$ storm of epic proportions, in L's happy little crib, all over him, his crib sheet, the bumper & every. single. sweet. little. stuffed animal he was playing with. i'm traumatized. shell shocked. scarred.

this is kinda how my days go now, it's like they're bipolar—with HIGH highs and LOW lows.
la la la singing & dancing at kindermusik to nightmarish bowel movements.

i handled it like so,
fully clothed baby transported to shower and stripped down.
naked baby transported to full size tub and wiped down.
poop-free baby transported to happy fun baby tub with suds and toys in effort to pretend none of this happened.
he? smiling entire time.
me? freaking the EFF out.
next up, clean baby wrapped in towel and transported to changing table for diaper and t-shirt, then swiftly deposited in pack-n-play.
while i...
scrubbed down shower.
soaked soiled onesie i love & refuse to part with.
retrieved all inanimate victims of explosive diaper massacre from crib and shoved in washing machine. all at once. (please oh please don't let that bite me in the ass.)
fetched now crying baby.
fed crying baby to sleep.
am still holding now sleeping baby and typing this entire post with my left hand.
mommyhood isn't for the weak.