Thursday, March 22, 2012

2 little things that are #LOVE

i saw this on amazon. baby can chew the cr@p out of it and it's cute. #LOVE.

saw this in parenting mag. #LOVE it too.

Old McDonald had a tortoise. E-I-E-I-O

Today mommy took me to a petting zoo at the Society of the Four Arts. And while I will never remember this experience, I did enjoy it. I mean when's the last time a piggy touched your toesies with its oinker? It felt funny and cold. I checked out chickies, a huge turkey, goats, bunnies and duckies too. When silly songs come to life, life is pretty cool.

Friday, March 16, 2012

four-leaf clover bum.

i am keeping my mommy so insanely busy.
she's sorry she hasn't posted in a bit.
here you go. my chubby bum.
my 1st st. patrick's day!

my st. patty poster
& st. patrick's day cupcakes!, made by my friend river's mommy...
mommy & i at a baby's 1st st. patrick's day picnic
i was cranky, so mommy threw me into the sky. then i laughed.
(photo by melanie gast)
i'm really starting to appreciate mommy's holiday posters. i want to rip them to shreds, perhaps.
yummy little foamy clovers.

my. 1st. tie. (i'm like daddy!)