Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liam Christoph Beyer is doing fabulously

Liam Christoph Beyer is doing fabulously.
He's picky as ALL heck. He throws a mean tantrum. He rules the roost for sure.
But he's love love love. And it's a shame I've not gotten on this little blog and filled you in, in so very long! But a toddler will do that to you. 
That and me finally finding MYSELF again with Stella & Dot.
Ooooh & Liam is so great with my jewels. He touches each piece so gently. Puts bracelets on and admires them. I love that I'm raising a boy that knows all the names for jewelry (can readily identify bracelet, ring, necklace.) He's going to make some girl in preschool very happy. If I ever let him go to preschool. 
I dislike being away from Liam for any period of time so very much. Mommy's addicted. <3
He's oh so chatty and more and more real words are being deciphered amidst the babble. 
Bananas, helicopters, alligators, for example. 
He did get his first stomach bug, and man oh man did that break my heart. 
This boy dances up a storm and loves drumming. I'm ├╝ber impressed with his ability to drum a steady beat to almost any music he hears. 
We color. We paint. We run. We play chase. We play zoo. We read. We skype. We facetime. We eat very little. We could both use a serious buffet. Well, fancy that! We're setting sail this Saturday for FIVE NIGHTS on a cruise. We will eat. Run. And stare at the sea together. 
I am in love with this child. 
Who, by the way, turned 1 1/2 half yesterday. My oh my. <3