Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mommy's grade at helping baby nap: F

a second time mom told me i may need to stop doing things during the day with L if i want him to nap. today i'm wondering if she just might be right. two weeks ago he napped so beautifully. this week. he's shooting a big fat bird at the concept of day sleeping. this wouldn't be so bad if he were happy and cheery, but he's not. he's grouchy and whiny. must i kill our baby social life in order for L to get some good rest?
one would think a fun, stimulating activity each day might make a baby ready for a nap. or at least -i- would think that.
i want to cry.
i hate this aspect of babyhood.
i'm failing at it so miserably, while i watch other babies L's age sleep peacefully.
sorry for the :-( post.
to end it on a happier note we did meet a giraffe today.

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