Monday, April 16, 2012

when baby does this... mommy does this. #naivenewbie

exhibit A: baby in crib at nap time.
when sweet little L chooses to catch his daytime zzzs in the car (this is in fact, frequent), mommy knows she must find a drive-thru asap if she wishes to eat. sad and brutally honest fact. this does not mean i must live on chicken nuggets and burgers. i get creative, side salad and black beans & rice today, yep! ordered at a drive-thru. it is what it is. i'm getting my veggies, protein, fiber and such, on the go, as baby uncranky's himself via shut eye. fair enough.
liam is not a baby that let's me transfer him from carseat to house to bed whilst remaining asleep, i open his car door, he opens his eyes. that's that. this is my lot. and as a mom gaining more and more experience as a mom, this is what works. a girl's gotta eat. especially a breastfeeding one. and a baby's gotta sleep. find out what [HEALTHY FOOD] you can eat on the go in such situations. win-win. sort of.


  1. What drive thur can you find black beans and rice!? Q is the same way, as you know, so I do this often. Cant find any place other than Chick Fil a that does a ceasar wrap which Im dying for these days :)