Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#NaiveNewbie: Get Thyself an Ergo!

YAY! Mommy is wearing me again! i still LOVE being held, but I'm a big baby! And mommy has little wrists and well, it was getting super hard for her. So, she got herself an Ergo. Finally. At the end of the day, she's definitely STILL a naive newbie. So far, so good. Check it out:
 she has her hands FREE again! 
i have something new & readily available to chew on!
and very very most importantly, i'm cozy. 
YAY for Ergo.
Did you know?
You can carry babies on your hip in the Ergo too? That pretty much sold mommy, although she hasn't tried it out yet. And she's kinda inept sometimes so I could be 2 years old before she does. But I'm pretty happy facing towards her, as evidenced in the photo above. She feels confident about wearing me to the Passion Pit show at Sunfest, YAY! my 1st show! She says we're going to dance like crazy. #Babywearing is the way to go, so happy to be the baby of an #attachmentparent!

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