Wednesday, May 2, 2012

some days are a bust. BUT, some aren't. :-)

some days are a bust. you just feel like a total loser for having done nothing right, for having accomplished nothing. for just barely getting by. i truly strive to limit such days. usually such is out of my control. but today. it's been pretty freaking great. liam and i went to a fun summer program at the boynton beach library called "dance to your own beat",  a lot of our baby/mommy friends were there and we sang and danced with them without a care in the world.

then we went to toys r us and found two things i had in my online cart on babies r us, right there in person. colorful plastic that might buy the whole family a little bit of happiness and sanity here and there. 

a suction cup toy for his high chair (am sooooooo sick of saying "UH OH" over and over as i pick up the toy he's tossed to the floor, totally inhibits the progress of whatever half-ass meal i'm trying to create for myself. ;-) he fiddled with it as i whipped up some lunch, happily. and thus, i was happy. 

then there's this wonderfully colorful monstrosity of plastic now taking up residence in our living room. whatever, he can pull up on it safely, he can dwell for a bit here and there withIN it SAFELY and i can slow down the wrinkle and grey hair production that's been thrown into overdrive since L's started crawling and pulling up. my whole house will never ever ever be baby proof. it's tile. we have vintage and antique furniture, metal stuff, etc. etc. etc. i needed this ugly thing. it'll allow me to pee and boil a pot of water (things i don't really want to do with L in the ergo). 

and finally... L is napping today, independent of myself or the moving car. this is rare. so i am blogging. awesome use of my time, ha! am certain a lot of you might question that. but writing for me, is like breathing. (so you see i haven't been getting to BREATHE a lot!) and writing something :-) happy :-) like less grey hair, wrinkles and middle of the night fears of L wandering into something extremely dangerous while i'm running to the loo in my itty bitty bit of "me time" is worth while, no?
today was a good day. 
and YAY! it's not over.
i cherish as much of our waking hours together as possible.
'cuz get this!? L turns 9 months this saturday.
can't believe it either.

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