Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#DIY mother's day present

one of the things i looked forward to most when it came to having kiddies was creating things with said kiddies AND them creating vibrant, sweet & quirky things for me that i could display with joy & pride.
when it came to a handmade mother's day pressie,  i just couldn't wait for little L to do such at preschool when he's 3 or 4. i wanted it NOW. so, a crafty mommy friend and i dreamed up a "MAKE YOUR OWN MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT" event for our group like four months ago and today it actually came to pass. about 20 mommies and kiddies came together to craft colorful canvases, totes, hand/feet impressions, clay pots and such. what a fabulous success. everyone shared ideas, supplies, babies... and we got it done. i'll cherish the two creations i made with L forever and ever. and i couldn't have done it so joyfully and stress-free-ly without our meet up group. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
 Our finished pieces... foot print butterflies and a button-embellished clay hand print
 mommies & babies galore, crafting away
L, johana and i creating L's foot print butterflies!

adding finishing touches to our butterflies
  babies awaiting their turn at creating

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  1. Such a cute idea Sarah! and these precious little wings are perfect! How were you two able to get the color variation so right? Maybe do a whole series Sarah, and write a story to go along with? Scan in, add type, and publish! Would make for EXTRA special bedtime reading. : ) ...were there no kicking babies at this meetup? Paint flying around like a Jackson Pollock?