Monday, May 21, 2012

Where the hell is the tooth fairy?

Where the hell is the tooth fairy anyway? Why the EFF does she only make an appearance when our precious little ones LOSE their baby teeth? She should be putting diamonds under MY pillow as L -CUTS- said baby teeth. And she should offer babysitting services each and every day after horrible teething nights, so mommy can recover. 

and that's just what she could do for mommy. how about what she could do for poor suffering baby?!

wiggle your stupid sparkly wand over L's precious big head and relieve some middle of the night pain, instantly why don't you, tooth fairy!? earn your wings. your name.  that would eliminate all requests above! 

what are you good for anyway, so-called tooth fairy? 
leaving kids crap when they're five or six years old is way too late if you ask me. losing teeth doesn't hurt! nor does it cause lost zzz's. 

this whole concept needs revisited.

in the mean time i'm joining the natural, hippie, attachment parenting masses and ordering L an amber necklace from inspired by finn (who's finn??!). i have nothing to lose. the kid has had me up 5-9 times a night for the last four nights. i feel horrible for him. and i feel horribly tired.

thus my bitch fest on Facebook. stay tuned re: the necklace. it's my only hope, since the tooth fairy sucks. 


  1. Uggh, feeling REALLY bad for you right now. And also really nervous for what's coming in the next few weeks. Yikes.

  2. gosh, i've never been THIS tired or upset in liam's 9months. thank you for your empathy. it's different for every baby! levi could fair better!

  3. It does get better. Vanilla extract works pretty good for teething, just don't use too often. Also, get those baby fruit sucker mesh net things and freeze purees. Good to chew on and taste good.

  4. Have you tried Hylands teething tablets? They've been recommended to me by 2 other mamas. I used it a couple of times, and I think it helps. Best of luck to you, hope you get some sleep tonight ;-)

  5. Pleeeeeeeeease, tell me about this necklace ! Gabby gets very upset too ... soooo sorry for them, I wish we can do more for them ..... and somebody else could do more for us!