Thursday, December 15, 2011

L meets jolly old st. nick

i think i mentioned here how i often text myself "late" at night, things i wish to remember pertaining to L. this was december 12th's...

took you to meet santa today. wasnt really my intention but when i saw the santa at the gardens mall & no lines i had to get you on his lap! sooo..... i walked clear across the mall to nordstrom to change your diaper, feed you and put you in cute clothes for your 1st pics with santa. i was nervous, you've been having some major melt downs lately. plus, some kids are scared of santa, but not you!
you and santa looked upon each other with curious joy, i almost cried. he adored you AND the darling outfit i put you in! you grabbed his beard, looked into his eyes, charmed his socks off. he said to you "you are such a special boy, such a happy baby!" it was a joyful & magical introduction.

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