Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life's a Blur. Pause. Reflect... on L.

Two facts: I'm not videoing enough and I'm not writing enough. Liams doing the coolest new things every single day.

He's saying new words all the time. Tonight he keeps saying "where it is?" In his own little way. 

He's "driving" his boat on wheels with pride. 

He's crawling up on the couch, sitting quietly and paying close attention to sesame street. 

He brings both me and my dad books over and over, and adores being read to. He will "read" to you too, turning each page, pointing at the words and talking. 

And he tickles us! Saying "teeegy teeegy teeegy". 

Liam finally takes a decent nap without me holding him! And night time sleep has improved by leaps and bounds. Attachment parent mommies and non-cry-it-out mommies, be super patient. This will be you one day too. <3

Liam "runs" and breathes hard while he's doing it, pumping his arms, not sure where he saw this, but it's cute. 

He puts his lips to mine when I say give me a kiss. And he comes up behind me and hugs me all the time when I'm sitting on the floor. 

Liam simply rules. Oh & he exhausts. 
Love this (baby?) boy so much. 

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