Friday, September 9, 2011

the good the bad & the ugly.
admittedly i just put a fresh diaper on L & an outfit fresh out of the dryer (at which time i got spit up on, hot wet paper towel to the rescue), plopped him in his car seat & ran out the door in hopes that i'd get a repeat of yesterday's car ride induced 3-hour nap. i also selfishly hoped to both EAT AND DRINK something myself since i did spend the ENTIRE MORNING feeding L.
once safely in the car & rolling, i watched L dose off slowly much to my and truly his own delight (this boy has a hard time falling asleep, no idea where he got that from). but then i hit a red light and a rogue sun ray shined in at the exact same time.
then, yes! miraculously, eyes fluttered close again.
at the next red light, L remained asleep & i whipped out my tweezers for a 30 second eyebrow touch up. so needed. and starbucks was in sight. all the more needed.
through the drive-thru L kept ZZZing. hallelujah.
dare i try to fly through a taco bell drive thru too? would slowing to a stop again = my demise?
two bean burrito supremes later & L still in dreamland i felt victorious. but still decided to wolf down BOTH burritos in the 2-minute drive to my house just in case.
smart me.
i managed to get in the door, pee and fetch a glass of agua before the adorable little monster woke up with a fiery cry.
EFF again.
which finds me back on the couch, feeding L once more, pausing here & there to change his beautiful green poopy diapers.
oh & today he's not even happy whilst eating (he "boxes" both me and himself to demonstrate this) probably because he's exhausted. one of those instances i wish he was more like the german—able to sleep anytime anywhere. cannot wait to get a good night sleep tonight. HA. YEAH RIGHT.

p.s. this entire post was typed with my left pointer finger. YAY.

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