Thursday, September 15, 2011

my stuck-on-the-couch-for-hours-on-end-breastfeeding-L tray
breastfeeding a newborn? you MUST have one of these. don't have a tray laying around, get one or make one! then, "arm" it with all the sorts of things you'll likely need in a two-hour span. this will evolve from morning to night, and day by day, i'm finding. each time you get up to pee, sleep, shower, go to bed (as these are the only things you're allowed to do besides breastfeed your infant) RELOAD/RESTOCK your tray.

suggested contents:
-TONS of water. i make sure mine has a liter bottle of sparkling water on it and often times a giant cup of ice. STAYING HYDRATED IS PARAMOUNT.

-snacks, now, put some thought into this, think: healthy, tasty, doesn't need refrigerated at all times, doesn't constipate or give gas to your wee one. i encourage fruit and veggies, nuts, dark chocolate, granola bars, etc.

-reading material: magazines, books, your kindle, etc. because trust, you're going to need all sorts of entertainment to pass the hours upon hours you'll spend just sitting there, doing something VERY important, growing your baby!

-the remote control: tell your significant other to hand it over, you've earned it.

-tissues/wet ones: essential for spit ups, wiping off your own hands after snacking, additional bodily fluid accidents you'll just have to experience on your own.

-your cell phone, WOW, why i didn't list this 1st blows my mind a bit. calling and texting, facebooking and tweeting are also excellent pass times as you embark on your new job as dairy cow. ;-)

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