Thursday, September 8, 2011

things i've learned as of late
(which explain why i'm blogging very little)
veteran mommies of wee little newborns are laughing at me as they read this, i am certain.

*going to the loo is a luxury AND must be scheduled.
*dash into the shower the SECOND you wake up or RIGHT before you hit the sack.
*i can eat a bowl of cheerios in a minute & a half.
*i can wear less of my closet now that i'm breastfeeding than i could while pregnant #grrr.
*i'm extremely, painfully envious of kathie lee & hoda, i want their job in a fierce way.
*i can fall asleep as early as 10PM, especially if baby L has gone down for "the night" by then, take advantage of the head start on sleep.
*swaddled babies fall back asleep faster and more soundly post middle of the night feeding than un-swaddled babies.
*a newborn is a much much tougher boss than any boss i've ever had. volatile, demanding, never satisfied, screams at you A LOT, makes you redo things over and over and over (i JUST changed that diaper two minutes ago!), etc. etc. etc.
*there is NO love like baby love. no comprehension of it until the moment it floods you and it changes EVERYTHING instantly.
*there is no comfort like being cuddled by a recently fed, recently changed, warm little newborn.
*take notes, as close to daily as you can, on little details about your baby you observe, love, learn, get frustrated by but will one day find funny. i tend to do this with one hand, while i'm holding him, on my computer in one document i keep adding to. i know these details will be precious to me forever.
*you CANNOT take too many photos OR videos.
this very barely scratches the surface, I KNOW. i could go on. and on... but baby L demands! thought i'd share this little photo with you from his bath yesterday morning. isn't he #LOVE?

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  1. Now, why am I crying for this one? Please, oh, please share what you've written about Liam with me when I get there! It's so amazing to watch you grow into this uncharted territory. I ADORE this photo of Liam, "whatchu talkin' 'bout?" LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Can't wait to see you guys! I promise I'll help you so you can take a long shower and slowly eat your food. xoxo