Thursday, October 18, 2012

I. AM. EXHAUSTED. (Liam is Happy.)

I. AM. EXHAUSTED. And it's fair to say, getting over the worst cough/cold I ever had. I am often sad, because life is not easy and I miss my mom terribly. I continue to struggle with getting L to nap. I also feel like I can't win when it comes to finding foods he'll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will give him a truly balanced and healthy diet (= no end in sight for breastfeeding). 
All this said, the below photos reflect how life looks through Liam's beautiful blue eyes and that is absolutely all that matters. Providing, a happy, safe and nurturing life for him.  Liam is a happy child. He gets everything he needs. He knows not of my struggles and he needn't. 
I am his mommy and my job is to create for him the very best life that I can. 
I feel like we all need to remember this from time to time, try not to be too hard on ourselves and not let ANYone undermine how hard we work to create this fulfilling life for our children.
After all, do you recall your parents' hardships? Most likely no. You probably look back upon your childhood with a warm, nostalgic "life was so simple then" smile. 
Remind yourself of this whenever you feel the slightest bit like you suck. 
Hope this finds you well...
Stay strong, mommies.
Your babies love you!
That little blip on the slide with arms spread is L.

We played in a pumpkin patch.

We color together.

We met pooh and tigger

We sang Wheels on the Bus & played it too!
Sharing his shaker eggs with me at the library.

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  1. awnnnn ... you are a good mom ... we are good moms ... But, yes, we need to relax, to have fun with our babies, this is pretty much everything ;) kisses for you and L.

    btw: Gabby break the second gate we install at the top of the stairs .... yep, not easy! lol