Monday, October 1, 2012

the kid's gotta eat

being that the german and i are both pretty much food obsessed, it's been strange begging L to eat something other than cheerios. i can insert my foot in mouth once more for judging others that fed their kids chicken nuggets every single d@mn day of their toddlerhood. i get it now. i'm sorry.

L has caused ME to throw tantrums when he refused to eat simple, yummy foods i made for him. WHY do you spit out black beans, child?! They're a perfect food. What do you think you're doing tossing fresh avocado on the floor?! You don't like chunks of cheese!? Who's kid are you??! 

slowly but surely, i'm figuring this boy's taste buds out. and perhaps they're evolving, which would be bad to the bone. just thought i'd share a couple things he'll swallow at the moment. 

mac & cheese with peas (+ tomato)
simply toss frozen peas in your boiling water with the pasta, dice a tomato while peas and pasta cook, toss tomato in just after you drain pasta and peas, then add your cheese. macs & cheese made healthier with a serving of fruit and a serving of veggies! num num num. 

whole wheat pb&j squares
i like using multi-grain flatbread type bread for these. make with your favorite peanut/almond butter and preserves, then cut into tiny toddler bite sized squares with a pizza cutter. a tasty little classic made just the way L digs. 
i'm also getting good at adding chopped veggies to all-natural frozen cheese pizzas, and making L whole wheat cheese and organic salsa quesadillas.  

i'm not trying to be a baby gourmand here. i'm shooting for quick, edible and nutritious-ish. what vegetarian fare will your new toddler devour? please do share!


  1. Yogurt with chopped up berries and ground flaxseed! Levi chows it down every morning. But I don't feel like I have a good grasp on what yogurt would be best for him. I go with Greek, but I don't really know. I also dump a lot of veggies in oatmeal. Sounds gross, but he eats it. These crazy boys. I'm def going to try your mac and cheese idea.

  2. Well, Gabby loves homemade hummus with fresh spinach in small slices of pitta ... If you feed L fish, tuna pizza with fresh tomatoes and cheese is a good idea (bobolli whole grain and you can make faces with cherry tomatoes for fun!) ... What else? you can make a sheperd's pie and use thin slices of zucchini and carrots (or any other leftover veggie like sweet peppers) instead of meat, bake with mashed potatoes and cheese on top .... hummm, risoto with veggies too (brown rice), and you can eat with him! Have fun cooking and I am going to make the mac & cheese too, I love the idea! Gabby is crazy for pasta! ;)

  3. So cool watching you go through the twists and turns of parenthood. You're an amazing mommy. Your mom would be so proud and L is a lucky boy!

  4. Laney loves pasts with broccoli and cheese. I buy the frozen broccoli and cheese and just mix it with whole wheat pasta and serve. Try adding banana to your Pb and j sandwiches Laney loves those too!