Sunday, February 19, 2012

the artist wears diapers

saw something similar on pinterest & L just had to create his own. oh my... swift, strong baby and finger paint. no easy task. but what a fabulous little finished product i'll cherish always.
all you need is a happy baby, a canvas & finger paints + wet paper towels on hand galore!!!!
act fast! have baby attack canvas with one color at a time then quickly wipe baby's hands down pre-eating finger paint. let canvas stand over night, then repeat, next day with next color.
of course i completed the masterpiece, i didn't expect him to bang out the bouquet's stem. nevertheless, i love how organic and chaotic the bouquet itself is. he did the yellow background too. very little paint was eaten. ;-)


  1. Sarah, I love it!!! He's going to be a canvas addict before you know it-- pretty soon you'll be able to bribe him with canvases just like I do with Phillip:-) Beautiful work!

  2. Super fun! And yes, something you can cherish forever, I want to see it in a big chunky ornate frame!