Monday, February 6, 2012

i'm six months old. HOW on earth did that happen?

i'm quite certain my mommy had an internal nervous breakdown yesterday, it was february 5th. & i turned six months old. she's having a hard time accepting that. while six months later she finds herself a lot stronger and more confident when it comes to being a mommy, she cannot wrap her brain around how quickly i'm growing and how insanely fast the months are flying by. she winces every time someone says how much i look like a little boy already (instead of a baby) so stop saying that to her, OK? i'm always always going to be her baby. got that?

these days i thoroughly enjoy chewing on EVERYthing. i love taking itty bitty sips of her citron flavored sparkling water.
i enjoy being the only boy at library story time. i talk A LOT there. loud. miss sheila, the librarian is very accepting of this. that's nice of her. my fave rhyme at story time? X marks the spot!
LOVE the part where it goes "ooooooh TICKLE!!!"

i enjoy miss angela's kindermusik class, especially "i hear a sound", bubbles and "who's that looking in the mirror". OH! the peek-a-boo song with the colorful scarves too!

i still like bath time, i have great toys to chew on during my bath. OH! i forgot to mention, my 1st tooth made it's debut last week. and i'm pretty sure three more are on their way.

i'm letting mommy put me down for short naps in the afternoon. in turn i'm waking her up more at night. teething, push ups and general loneliness in the dark are likely culprits, maybe? i'll never tell...

going shopping with mommy is much fun. i got to ride in the cart by itself last week too. i was grabbing everything!! mommy tells me she did that when she was a baby too. and that my grandma would find store merchandise under baby mommy and have to bring it back into the store and apologize. i haven't mastered that one yet.

i dig being on my tummy now so much more than i used to. although i get frustrated about the crawling thing, i see older babies doing it and i'm not quite sure how to get my knees up to move forward. anyway, tummy time is much cooler these days. i sleep on my tummy too. just like mommy.

i have tried some "solid foods". they're ok. i'm perfectly happy with my breastfeeding diet though. last week when i ate organic "pear sauce" i hurled it up shortly thereafter. i do like chewing on lime and lemon wedges though.

i smile so big at strangers and people who know me every single day. this makes them smile. i recognize more and more people i see on a regular basis and make special noises of happiness for them.

my mommy and aunt TT made me a play table this week. stay tuned for photos. I like standing up at it and smacking it like a drum. i try hard to pick up the post cards on it, but they are glued down or something. sneaky mommy & TT!

what else? getting dressed annoys me big time. i punch my little fists through the arm holes in hopes that mommy will hurry up and sit me up...

...i like being read to. i like it when people play instruments for me. i love my "crunchy book", puppets, and my "lovey". a pale blue teddy blankie i'm sleeping with these days. OH! and i love when you say "where's Liam??, THERE HE IS!!!!" to me. I'll smile big every time, and you might just see my little tiny teeth coming in. i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff. heck, i'm a baby!

six more months 'til my birthday! watch me grow and learn and play and laugh and make my mommy laugh and cry and get stronger and wiser.



  1. Gosh Liam is so insightful for being only 6 months! But Yes, he's still very much a cute, cubby cheeked little baby, so point taken. ; ) Nice new chairs too btw! : )