Friday, February 10, 2012

#FrumpyFighter: making spaces baby & adult friendly

So... I'm digging my new work & play space in mad ways. Ratherthan cover my living room floor with a primary color ABC foam puzzle for L to "tummy time" on, I scored a thick area rug. (I was inspired by one of my BFF's, Heather, to do this).

Next up, I found myself on the prowl for a low-lying cocktail table type piece that was round or oval, with no sharp edges anywhere (this was inspired by my dear mom, I miss you, mom). Table found! By another BFF, Byrdie, at a thrift shop for a mere $10!!! She and I redid it in a boy-friendly, yet living room friendly design and voila! L's play table was born. Ideal for pulling up on, and once he IS up, playing on, drawing on, etc. (note: For now, it works fabulously for my laptop, as he mills about on the floor, I can check emails and such.)

Toss in a few fun pillows (note: must add more! love, the Middle Eastern feel this table surrounded by pillows on a magic carpet creates) and I'll be over-the-moon smitten with this new area in which I currently spend loads of time.

Small baskets of fun baby toys exist throughout the entire space, fret not. We (or let's be real, I) sing the "clean up" song we learned at kindermusik after each play session as we put said toys away in their baskets and bins.

the table, post tons of love & magic in my garage, thank you Byrdie!


  1. Love the world travel themed table! Perfect on so many levels right? Also thumbs up on the carpet choice! Keeping it classy!

  2. i love you, jamey. your comments are sooooo "mom".