Monday, February 27, 2012

YAY! Baby has new friends (& by default, so does mommy!)

a girl has no bloody idea how important this is until she finds herself sitting at home with a new baby wondering what her kid-less friends/her old co-workers/her friends with much older kids/the mailman is up to, almost obsessively. wondering when she'll get to have another meaningful adult (specifically female-to-female) conversation again, wondering how she can possibly feel alone considering she's got a wee baby glued to her side 24/7. wondering if anyone else out there has been pooped, peed and spit up on eight times that day too, after just getting three good hours of sleep. oh my oh my oh my. it's overwhelmingly insanely mind-blowingly hard to find yourself entrenched in this predicament.

new mommy: if this sounds ANYthing like you, get your baby some friends. ;-) i'm over the moon thankful for my public library system and my local la leche league. without them, i'd have melted down big time by now (OK, i HAVE melted down big time, but i'm talking make-it-on-the-nightly-news melt down here). meeting other mommies with babies has saved the day, time and time again.

say L wakes up 100 times the night before, i stumble into a story time or a lactation tea and SOMEONE there will be able to relate to me. will vent with me, will tell me it'll get better. and as cranky-pants as L might be, he'll cheer up at the sight of other babies. he'll be stimulated, entertained and he'll likely sleep better that very night.

those of you that are already mommies, i know you know all of this, but those of you that are about to be mommies, or are brand new mommies, get dressed and get the HELL out of your house. find your nearest library, la leche league, or mommy group on and make your baby some pals!

i'm so very very grateful for becki & quinn, sara & elena, johana & mia, maria & mason, lisa & william, leah & sutton, nadia & aviella, the list goes on, so if i've omitted you, it's just cuz i'm tired. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of L's new friends (& mine too!)

I leave you with raffi's little tune (and some cute pix of L & his buddies). we happen to sing this ALL the time these days, it's a simple song we might not really really -think- about when we sing it, but it's oh so very true.

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