Friday, February 4, 2011

crap realization.
so people went on and on and on about how very tired i'd be in the 1st trimester. these people obviously weren't insomniacs. i'm always tired. thus, the 1st trimester was a killer blessing, in that i passed out for the night quite early and slept deep until the alarm sounded. was the coolest thing. now that i'm into the 2nd trimester i'm back to my fabulous night owl, light sleeper self. couple that with that wonderful urge to get up & hit the loo once or twice a night and NOW we're talking tired. it gets worse!, all of this just got compounded by the fact that as a natural born stomach sleeper, that is no longer a viable option. sleeping on my stomach as of last night, feels like sh!t. i'd read that it won't HURT the little monster if you find yourself waking up on your stomach. but mid night, last night (not to be confused with midnight, i was still wide awake at midnight) i did the usual flip from side to stomach & woke up immediately thinking "this doesn't feel awesome at all" sadness. i spent the rest of the super early morning hours wondering how i'll train myself to sleep on my side full time. grrr.

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