Friday, February 4, 2011

i recently learned that tiny beings born between February 3rd, 2011 and January 22nd, 2012 are Wu Xing Rabbits, according to the Chinese zodiac.
this struck me.
i'm likely having a little leo. that is, well, also a rabbit. and that, i thought to myself, describes me. have, in recent years decided i'm equal parts tough and fragile. very much like the lion and the rabbit. but i most definitely digress.
back to my little future Wu Xing Rabbit... Wu Xing translates to "metal" and those born under this sign will have greater intensity, strength and resilience than other rabbits.
and yet, they'll also be sensitive, creative and compassionate.
i fell in love with this detail, Wu Xing Rabbits are expected to be detail oriented and to hone in on visual cues, specifically color. (is THIS why -I- feel like color is so much more intense right now? is that possible?) Am told to decorate the baby's room in shades of aqua, white & green—which are the sign's colors. ironically, that was already the plan.
further, i am to be prepared for a talker, because rabbits are intelligent with a knack for verbal expression. I also shouldn't be surprised when this child considers the pros and cons of almost every decision he/she has to make.
anyone else out there with a Wu Xing Rabbit on the way? you're advised to keep a journal whilst growing said rabbit, because of the sentimental nature of this sign.
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