Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so whilst chatting at leisure with my fave coworker on the planet something massive dawned on me. when monday rolls around & i'm on the table with that jelly gunk on my stomach checking out L & likely discovering if L's a ♂ or a i'm going to be A-OK either way. seriously. i can see myself happily raising a boy OR a girl right now. but this is the thing. if L is a boy, then when the next time rolls around, i'm going to be a freaking stress ball in the lead-up to finding out that little monster's sex. in that case, it MUST be a girl. or... i'll have to try again?? and again?? i know a lot of my friends have had back to back boys. and they adore their boys. and i would too of course, but i can't imagine life without a little girl of my very own. that's truth. so... that's likely why despite being fine either way this coming monday, it WILL play a roll in my future sanity. i cannot STAND not getting what i want. i do realize though, that a woman in a house full of boys never has to stop spoiling herself fashion wise, right? boys don't require the wardrobe girls do. so i suppose that's one hell of a silver lining. ;-)

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