Tuesday, January 3, 2012

frumpy fighter: not your mommy's nursing wear

dear breastfeeding mommies,
nursing fashion is mostly ugly, blah & over priced.
my goals are:

1. easy, FAST access
2. be comfy
3. not look like a frumpy, bland, sad girl

sooo... i tell you from 5-months' experience, i live in FUN leggings and fabulous flowy tops.

re: leggings. classic black slims no doubt. but to break away from the monotony of this almost uniform, i add pattern, texture, SURPRISE! i.e. the orange leopard print ones you can glimpse above. yeah, they look like something out of a van halen vid, but watch me make them work...

re: tops—screw all the covert contraption nursing tops. they're an ugly, boring hassle for the most part. i'm always about ones i can easily lift up, yet still conceal skin from the masses, tops that are fashiony, but also soft and tactile for baby L while he eats. sequins tend to be scratchy which ='s ugh. but i'll survive. i found the above tunic tank, which is soft AND sparkly, with a fly away back which makes it even easier to lift up at forever 21.

my advice is, don't totally throw in the fashion towel as you realize how hard it can be to dress for your baby's ability to eat. get creative. experiment. and worry not about investing in an entire wardrobe of stuff you'd never buy if you weren't breastfeeding. love ya, trust me.

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