Thursday, January 12, 2012

the science of (baby) sleep

(where's my swaddle? i hate my swaddle!)

Eeentsy teeny little L used to sleep like a log, literally. Tightly bound in a cozy swaddle, then safely lodged in his rock n play. He wasn't going anywhere, and he didn't want to.

these days L doesn't know what he wants sleep wise.
and i find myself torn between letting baby take the lead and guide me vs. mommy knows best. problem is, mommy don't know jack. what a crap shoot.

dear swaddle, you have become my utmost frienemy. some nights you wake L up with an angry whale as he fights like a champ to be free of you. and then the very next night you provide him with the very same cozy security you did when he was a wee newborn. what gives?!

L is just over 5 months now. some of you i've discussed this with kicked the swaddle by now, while others kept it up 'til 12 months. baby AND swaddle are giving new-mommy me some serious mixed messages. i want baby sleeping soundly and i want baby happy.

i also want to scream or punch something a little.

oh & p.s. this little monster still prefers napping on the go or napping in my arms. bring sleeping baby in house from peaceful zzz-ing in car? awake in seconds. try to transfer zzz-ing baby from arms to ANY cozy surface? awake in less than seconds. YAY. not.

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  1. I suffered with the exact same problems. My Little Man desperately wanted to be swaddled, but he was so strong that he was breaking out of it by 5 months. I'd read a lot of advice on and discovered the Magic Sleep Suit. It looks absolutely ridiculous, but my little guy LOVED it! We used it for 3-4 months until he was ready to be done with it, and I was so glad we'd purchased it. The best part is there's a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn't work. No harm, no foul!

    My Unpaid Blog Review of the Sleep Sack:

    Hope this helps!