Monday, January 23, 2012

saw this wooden sign today @ homegoods
& had to laugh.
aw, let's all turn our lack of sleep into a cozy quote turned wall art.
i mean, i guess it's absolutely true, there's no other reason i'd tolerate being repeatedly and randomly awoken night after night.
and once i've recovered from being dragged out of sleep by somewhat shocking cries & i have cuddly little L settled & nestled in my arms, no longer screaming dramatically (yes, L has begun crying so majorly and over the top-ly that i now ask him if he's auditioning for little theater) it is precious, quiet "me & L" time i'll miss so very much some day...
but i'm still having a little bit of hard time turning this bittersweet sentiment into home decor. ;-)

on that note, now's a good time to be totally forthcoming regarding L's sleep situation. (i vow to vary my posts more soon, loveys. i KNOW sleep has been dominating.) at almost six months, he is STILL in my room, right beside me. he has moved from his rock n play to his pack n play, this was because he was getting too large for the rock n play and i thought he would benefit from more space and learning to sleep "flat" so to speak. he is also still swaddled, but with one arm out, in hopes of both arms out soon.

now that he IS sleeping "flat" and with "one arm out" he flips to his tummy and sleeps that way most nights. like his mommy. man i HATED not being able to sleep on my stomach when i was pregnant with him.

he'll sleep solid 8-10 hour nights back to back, then wake up 2-4 times a night back to back a couple nights to throw me for a loop. i'm both terrified and saddened by the thought of moving him to his room and his crib.

reason being, i won't get this time back, the time that he's right beside me so i can watch him sleep. although... a lot of you with toddlers+ confess to me that your kids end up in your bed most nights.

AND, i'm scared he'll wake every hour on the hour screaming his heart out if he's not right beside me too. oh the joys of 1st time mommyhood. holy hell.

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