Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#frumpyfighter: fix your jacked manicure on a walk

those with wee ones know doing your own nails is the biggest joke.
i am not one for manicures, pedi's yes. but i used to find giving myself a manicure creative therapy. no more. no time. get nails painted and L effs them up in seconds.
so... i actually went and GOT a manicure.
one and half weeks later, washing my hands every three seconds = nails looked like shite.
chipped & jacked indeed.
color: OPI's romeo & juliet.
then it dawned on me. L will sit in his stroller for a good while if i take him for a walk! so i brought two polishes on said walk with me. layered over romeo & juliet, OPI's turquoise crackle + OPI's servin' up sparkle. end result: dry nails post-walk that totally delight baby AND mommy. FUN FUN FUN. frumpy fighter!

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