Tuesday, January 3, 2012

life (with baby) changers

yep. i've joined the cult. baby einstein is my BFF. he tends to watch it the way i watch TV. meaning sort of, while doing other things. like... playing in the contraption below. it serves to provide him with meaningful eye and ear candy that lengthens
the amount of time he'll hang out on his own by a wee bit.
& i gottta say, i truly dig it. love the images, the bright colors and my gosh!, the music. faves: world music & galileo . i'm finally actually getting 15 minutes to myself. baby steps. ha. but seriously, such discoveries as this, meaning, things that will entertain your baby in an educational/developmental way are from heaven, and true life (with baby) changers.
such things are different from baby to baby. don't give up 'til you discover what the heck works for yours.

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