Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i just received, quite possibly, the nicest compliment ever. EVER.
so genuine and unexpected. and it happened coming out of a bathroom stall.

"Oh! i LOVE that outfit. Oh my gosh so much that it makes me want to be pregnant. I want to be pregnant just to wear exactly that. I really do. I love it."
i was touched. i needed to hear that. such a quirky, heartfelt statement like that works wonders for a growing girl that can't wear any of her bikinis or jeans anymore. that has been searching high and low for a new bathing suit she feels comfortable, yet stylish in (AND NOT MATRONLY OR DULL)—just over all, yeah, i needed that AND the tankini i found below on a site i've never ever heard of... (didn't really see one other thing I wanted from them, but the bathing suit alone made my day, well, that and the compliment. as i near the final stretch i fear a crazy dread about what the HELL i'm going to look like and WHAT i'm going to wear. and please, allow me this "petty" preoccupation—let me be distracted by it for now, please, because yes, i know there are MUCH bigger fish to fry coming up around the corner...

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