Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If the Shape Fits Eebee Doll
is now Liam's.
i don't even know what eebee IS but
i found this little guy so cute. and
when i saw the photo of the random
baby model wearing this eebee doll's shapes
on her? own wrist i pictured the future
baby L doing the same thing & clicked purchase
like a lightning bolt. am going to look up this Eebee thing now.
supposedly award winning?
what a brave new world to discover...

in other news
a gun-toting cartoon cow?!
surrounded by bullets!
for a baby!?

fail fail fail fail.
was soooooo stoked to see a tokidoki baby sale on zulily,
but my bubble bursted LOUD
when i saw a docile little cow being
turned into a violent A-hole.

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