Monday, April 4, 2011

I Have Already Run Out of Hangers
Thus, the additional darling little Liam attire acquisitions have not been photographed & gushed about. Once I track down hangers like the ones I've already filled up, I'll be back in business. ;-) Fellow pregnant co-workers were immensely surprised I've already began filling up Liam's closet. Really!? Spent the weekend hanging with my mom & dad and was so excited to see the little Kids Ink romper my mom so stylishly found for baby L. I had to snap a close-up of the little boy & pup over the moon amidst stars. SO PERFECT. Mom & I also spent quality time crafting together. And that's when I whipped up the below wooden blocks.
While I was away, the German kindly slaved over L's crib, armoire and bookshelf. He also made the bed which is so. stinkin'. cute. so the nursery is well underway! photos to come...

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