Thursday, April 7, 2011

it began & happened again this a.m.
the feeling that Liam is suddenly the length of me, horizontally,
stretching out and flailing all his limbs.
prior, what i'd felt was a swift kick here, a quick punch there,
(neither of which hurt, YET.)
but in the last 24 hours my entire uterus has been in action.
and it's WEIRD,
& cool.
but yeah, weird.

i know now, with absolute certainty, that he throws his little dance parties the moment i'm dead still AND lying on my back. i have tested & confirmed this hypothesis all this week. again, baby-producing vets may be reading this, rolling their eyes and uttering big fat "DUHs". but it's major. because UNTIL NOW, besides the moments i was staring at L on an ultrasound, it wasn't real. it's real now. the monster is letting his thriving presence be known.

p.s. fun fun fun! just had another nose bleed. 'twas a gusher. just noticed. it's all over my pale pink tank. AWESOME. #grrr

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