Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the game changer

know me and you know sitting down is not my thing. i like to be on the go go go. dear little L however, has had me sitting on my bum, arms/hands full on end, FOR MONTHS. this has brought me to the point of literally crying & having pity parties daily... along came a piece of fabric with a little padding and a couple rings on it. i can stand up!, use at least one hand, EASILY. i adore my union jack snugli, i do, but getting in and out of it isn't nearly as effortless. thus, the sling has been a life saver and, a game changer. i feel ALMOST like me with it. L can become a part of my endless need to walk up and down stairs, in and out the front door, from living room to family room, around our block, again and again, etc. etc. and forever.
and he seems to dig it. in fact, he sometimes passes out while i do it.
thank you la leche league for loaning it to me this month to try out!
there are quite a few ways babies can be carried in this thing, it came with an instructional DVD.
find yourself in a similar stir-crazy bind? GET A FREAKING SLING.
post-walk-passed-out baby.

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  1. Could you do a tutorial on how to wear it? Looks confusing to me, but I'm spatially/sling/baby challenged. Love the red and L looks snug as a bug in a rug. :)