Monday, November 14, 2011

just call me naive newbie

naive newbie
mommy observation of the day:
i would put L's clothes away, create a new play space, pick out books to read to him later, play dress up in my own clothes, WRITE A BLOODY BLOG POST, take out recycling, do dishes, watch a show on hulu, fold laundry, put photos in frames, paint my nails, put the german's clothes/shoes away, sort laundry, flip through a magazine, etc. etc. etc. etc. and a little more etc. before i would get a drink of water, go pee or eat lunch in the wee moments L might be zzz-ing someplace outside my arms. the learn here, for those that experience this after me: PEE, EAT, DRINK before you do ANYthing else.

yep, i'm a naive newbie. stay tuned for more naive newbie confessions as i reflect upon them, or encounter them.

p.s. i KNOW i need an outlet cover in my little up & coming play area. might be a newbie, but not a raving idiot, thanks. ;-)

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