Wednesday, November 9, 2011

no longer dancing with myself

now THIS is what a dance party looks like. well, it should be a vid! monday through friday, L & i shake our things to three songs back to back for a little dance-y bonding. good for me + fun for him = #LOVE. try it, pick that baby up, hit shuffle on your ipod and throw it down, tiny dancer in tow. i promise you he/she will smile and/or giggle. and sometimes... they'll even drift off to ZZZ land.

now, baby L has a leg up on the competition, he's been dancing for around a year now, i made a point to blast sound and get my groove on the entire time i was pregnant. this included several concerts as i've blogged about in the last year or so. listen up, preggo loveys. don't stop moving just because you're with child. it rocks your wee one to sleep in the womb and it makes YOU FIT.

something tells me the german -might- of recorded one of L & I's dance sessions. let me get to the bottom of that. will update post if so. in the meantime, get dancing.

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