Monday, November 28, 2011

i quit. i give up. L's napping in my arms for now. beats no nap at all.

L's napping in my arms going forward, for now. beats no nap at all... this officially makes me a couch potato, and L a happier baby. he will grow out of this someday, possibly literally. so i've resigned myself to cherish it now. he does sleep on his own at night (knock on wood please!), this is a blessing. i am grateful. that is all.

well, almost all... with christmas around the corner, expect insanely christmasy outfit posts in upcoming days. thank you very much to the rigels for giving L this FUN "my first christmas" toy collection. so thoughtful!

oh oh oh! back to the napping thing. i wanted to add that i tried to put him in his crib earlier today when he was groggy, post feeding. that ended in that adorable wrinkled up sad face and cry explosion in mere seconds. he wanted no part of napping in his swing yesterday, i tried for 30 minutes to make that happen. he CAN fall asleep in the sling, but man does that get HEAVY. the german fears this will eventually injure my back. such is life...

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