Friday, November 4, 2011

my 1st library "lap sit"

today mommy got all frantic around 9:30, she buckled me in my car seat then flew upstairs to make sure she had deodorant on. next thing i knew it i was being whizzed outside, into the sunlight that STILL pisses me off and into the car. it was too early for our usual starbucks run, so i was perplexed.
wait, what? the library?? i'm 3-months old for heaven's sake! that mom of mine...OK so it was cool. lots of baby people watching. i was mesmerized by the 11-month old beside me, a dancing baby girl named river.
the teacher, miss mindy? made mommy laugh quietly. we sang, we danced, we read, i drooled. sitting in a circle upon blankets on the floor.
mommy got tears in her eyes when i laughed & smiled. i don't think she had any idea how happy making me happy would make her! i think we'll go back, november 30th. if you're local, you should come too! mommy says you're never too young to be read to, i was the youngest in the class!

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