Wednesday, March 2, 2011

had quite the candid discussion last night with my old college roomie, now on her 2nd pregnancy, having her 2nd boy. i set out on a long evening walk with my dog, lily, in tow & gingerly dialed her up. she'd recently texted me some graphic details of her current physical state at 34 weeks knocked up. i'm not even going hint at what she told me, but put it this way. this girl knows how to shock the hell out of me. and she loves it. oh the horror stories to come. of course i got myself into this, and in all things, one must take the bad with the good.
but, as i was walking down the hall at work to my desk (returning from the loo for the thousandth time today) it dawned on me that i feel like i'm embarking on a trip in 4 and a half months, no, scratch that, i'm flat out moving far far away to a different world in 4 and a half months. and my actual journey there, is crazy scary. unimaginably so. and then, once i arrive, i have not the foggiest little clue what to expect. and i'm going to stay there for the rest of my life. no return. HOLY. MAJOR.

p.s. i've decided liam is going to be into astronomy, soccer, guitar & drums. controlling parent that i am already...

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