Thursday, March 3, 2011


so, the other day the specialist that let me know L was a Liam said to me towards the end of the appointment, "there IS one thing i'd like you to do differently going forward." then pointed at my shoes. "NO WAY." was my knee jerk answer. he almost laughed (this guy is really serious) then went on to tell me he had a 'miami house wives' type patient in a few days earlier in 6" louboutins AT 34 WEEKS PREGNANT. my turn to laugh "and you're talking to me about my mere 3 inchers?!"
fast forward to this morning, weird purple polka dots on my calf. i ask a coworker "what in the world do you think this is?" she suggests broken blood vessels!? i search this online and it does seem to be common & am wondering if it's due to heels or the way i sit like a bloody pretzel at my desk everyday and i've felt the fear of GOD in me all day that it's the former. (have refrained from sitting pretzel style too).
nevertheless i really wanted some floral print wedges for spring/summer.
they're wedges, which... well... means they're not really heels, right?

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