Friday, March 4, 2011

who the HELL am i?
who IS this person?
what's with this body?
with all the weirdness going on within it?
will i ever see the body i was used to again?
is it possible to OD on lotion?

what's that smell?
why can't i sleep on my stomach?
why can't i cross my legs or sit on one leg or sit cross-legged anymore?
no seriously, WHAT is that smell?
what am i supposed to wear?
why are you staring at my stomach?
why are you staring at my chest?
what's with none of my bras fitting, speaking of which?
why won't my nose stop bleeding?
why did i SPIT blood earlier this evening?
why won't the wooshing in my brain STOP?
when will i go an entire night without hitting the loo 3 times?
shall i go on?...


  1. thanks for sharing just a little slice of what it's all like. I can't even fathom... Look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. I liken it to prescription drug side effects. ;-)