Tuesday, March 15, 2011

everything i've read has said "you're NOT eating for two" (you should really only be intaking like 300 extra calories per day when expecting) and "keep the hell exercising" in so many words. also, that exercise makes labor quicker, easier, less painful (pipe dream?). and furthermore, helps you return to at least a semblance of who you were before, physically. so you better believe my bum's hitting the treadmill in the realm of three times a week. i feel good, as a result, ha! as good as one can with like a gazillion little prescription drug-like side effects. ;-) point is though, thus far, my energy level has remained quite amazing. & i am glad i'm working out on the regular and being conscious, for the most part, of what eat. wouldn't do this any other way.


  1. exercise DOES help. Did spin until the day before I delivered and back at it 3 weeks later. You will feel better, recover faster and have a shorter labor (both mine pushed out in under 10 minutes). More power to you girl. Keep at it.

  2. under 10 minutes!!! heather, you are made to birth!!!