Sunday, March 13, 2011

screw you, girl at that lame maternity shop. what a cluster@#$% of junk you repeatedly told me was fashion forward & high end.
and yeah, you're right, i am anti-maternity wear. look around you, it blows. yes, i know you have true religion jeans. but guess what? am not blowing $200 on jeans i don't plan to wear longer than four months. i curse you for telling me i'll still need maternity jeans for some time after L gets here. thanks for lighting a renewed fire under my @$$, inspiring me to make certain that won't be the case.
so off to anthropologie i trotted, where i scored this flowy, heavenly little peplum-hem posey top, that will work just as well. grrr.


  1. i love your blog. every morning when i come to office, i first check whats new with you and L :)

  2. aw, i love it! am sure there will be MANY MANY more tales to come! love.

  3. Haha, you can barely see your belly! Like I said on Twitter, F21 is a pregger girls dream :) Seriously, maternity wear is ridiculously expensive and not even cute! I have a bunch of maxi dresses from F21 that will work throughout my pregnancy and after, and they cost me less than $20 a piece. Plus, their ruched tube tops can sometimes double as skirts (i found that out in the dressing room today)! Funny that their maternity line is equally sucky as the rest of the maternity clothing world...

  4. oh girl, i need to post an updated photo. bump is making itself known more & MORE everyday. to HELL with maternity "fashion". what. a. joke.