Monday, March 14, 2011

So L's been reaching out to the outside world in the last couple weeks. At first I dismissed what I was feeling as digestion, but lately, when I'm super still (which is oh so rare) little Liam makes himself known. I like to think he's dancing & perfecting his swimming techniques, but maybe he's just saying "Helllloooo out there!"
I've also learned that as of late, he's hearing more from the outside too, sooooo... when I'm in my car & one of my fave songs comes on, I turn it up LOUD, to make sure he can hear it. (just THINK of all the fantastic sound he's going to hear next weekend @ Ultra Music Festival!)
The German says "Hello Liam!" and "Goodnight Liam!" to him quite often, speaking directly to my stomach.
So yeah, there's some communication going on these days.

Oh & of course his wardrobe is growing by the week.

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