Thursday, March 3, 2011

i updated my facebook status to SWOOSH THROB SWOOSH THROB SWOOSH THROB earlier because kids, am hearing that in my head A LOT the last few weeks. today, at my regular OB/GYN appointment as the dr. was listening to little liam's heart beat i said to her "THERE! THAT! am hearing that in my head constantly" she looked at me with a look that said "oh yeah!" i had nailed the comparison & she told me to have my way with tylenol. extra strength even, if i wanted it. i love hearing liam's heart beat but NOT in my bloody brain.
she also confirmed the mysterious constellation of purple dots on my calf are in fact broken blood vessels & they may or may not go away, may or may not get worse. so guess who's TRYING to sit here right now with my stupid legs propped up in hopes that that may or may not help. dear little liam, you are going to hear about this when you're older.

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