Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Car-driving pups & teddy ears...

lucky you. another outfit post!
who said dressing a baby boy isn't mad fun?
HA! my mom, pre-me.
she's finding a way though.
she gets crazy excited when she picks out new looks for me, loves pairing hats to socks & shoes & such. so maybe i should have started this post with "lucky me" instead?
my nifty little knit hat is old navy.
my cool thermal sleeve onesie, wild guess? yep, baby gap.
shoes? a hand-me-down! no joke. they're by koala baby and mommy adores them.
i'll probably be able to wear them for like one more minute.
(am growing like a mushroom on a humid florida day)
hey, do the lady that feeds me on end a fave and link her up to killer baby boy accessories when you see them. thanks.

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