Friday, October 28, 2011

when dinosaurs met london - another L outfit post

i'm rocking dinosaurs, london landmarks and bold stripes all at once. i'm sooo my mother's child.
i insisted she take these photos with my fave ball. even my oma & opa in futbol-crazed germany think i'm a little soccer star.
granted this week i've been a bit more fascinated with my hands than kicking balls. i fancy rolling over on my side and talking to my toys as i grab them and squeeze them on end.
i've also taken a liking to standing up. mommy attempts to pull me up in a sitting position but i lock my knees and bear down on my feet instead. standing is cool. and well, vital for my future soccer career. ;-)

anyway, this was to be an outfit post but i've rambled on instead about all my little abilities. sorry about that.

gurgles & squeals,

p.s. EVERYthing's baby gap anyways...

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