Thursday, October 27, 2011

#SAHM frumpy fighter
ribbon bows on the nursing bra strap or nursing tank top strap... tie one on!

1. it's cute, these tanks and bras are freaking boring. adding a little ribbon bow on just one side is cute & quirky. you can tie it in a posh bow or just knot it as shown below.

2. be honest—where's your brain amidst late night feedings and 24-hour mommyhood? i've flat out LOST mine. tying a reminder bow to the side L will feed from next is a chic little no-brainer. literally. switch up the side of your bow after each feeding.

3. as baby develops his/her various motor skills, he/she will love grasping on to your ribbon and playing around with it while feeding. lately if i don't tie a ribbon on, he's tying my hair in knots or scratching me. so loveys, the ribbon is win-win-win.

p.s. my secret lover, is now an affiliate of mine. about half of the goods i sneak in the house for L & myself come from hautelook, check 'em out!

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea!!

    Ps, for pretty nursing bras check out Hot Milk & Cake brands. I bought all my nursing bras from those two brands. It helps fight that frumpy feeling ;)